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Hello friends… NILASH back with the next part. Thank You so so much for all your amazing responses. HAPPY READING

Few more days passed. Nothing was cleared, all the questions jammed up Anika’s mind, and here Inesh was no more in condition to reply to any of their questions. Investigations were still going on with continuous flow. One thing that confused Anika more was the marks of rope around the neck of Ishan’s mother. “It’s not suicide” she has said after checking the body and postmortem report also cleared that it wasn’t suicide but it was murder, but who could be the one who murdered her was the biggest question as Inesh was in front of them.

“Soumya what if Sushrudh has killed Ishan’s mother?” Anika just guessed.

“Why do you feel so di?” Soumya asked putting down the marker using which she was marking the suspicious lines of Mr. Mathur’s murder file.

“See Ishan’s mother knew that Sushrudh is behind Inesh and if he has left her then maybe someday she would have blurted out everything to Inesh so maybe Sushrudh killed her after using her for what he wanted.” Anika stopped and turned to Soumya.

“This is possible but di Sushrudh was not over here, he was in Mumbai when Ishan’s mother was murdered.

“True but what if he was there and here at the same time, what if his existence was there but his entire he was here?” Anika smiled getting some clue.

“That means…” Soumya understood her hints and her eyes widened in shock.

“We have to make it fast Soumya. Or else Sushrudh will run away before we get to catch him, let’s go” the two sisters got up and rushed to the direction of their car. Anika occupied the driver’s seat where as Soumya occupied the passenger’s one. Soumya dialed some numbers and informed to keep all the trains, airplanes and busses on halt so that no one gets to go anywhere. She called up and informed the inspectors to search the stations and ports to find out Sushrudh while Anika drove to Sushrudh’s house.

“Welcome cid sisters” Sushrudh whole heartedly welcomed them. It seemed as if he was waiting for them only.

“Soumya inform that we got Sushrudh, they can remove the halt now” Anika instructed and turned towards Sushrudh.

“So what would you both like to take… tea, coffee or cold drinks?” Sushrudh asked.

“We have heard from Mathur sir that your handmade tea is heaven” Anika replied immediately.

“Ohh so Papa has told you so” Sushrudh sounded a bit upset on remembering his father but at the end of the sentence, he smiled.

“Yeah… Mathur sir used to say about you and Sudha a lot, we are indeed meeting for the first time but I have met Sudha one or two times before too” Anika replied. Soumya came in and sat beside Anika after informing everyone.

“Yeah Papa was so proud of us” Sushrudh left a deep sigh. Anika and Soumya both can feel at least a bit of his pain. They can never meet up the loss he faced and his wrath over Ishan, Inesh, their mother and their gang was justified.

“Mr. Sushrudh let’s directly get to the point, see you also know and we also that Ishan’s mother was murdered” Anika paused to read Sushrudh’s expression change but there wasn’t any, rather he replied ever so calmly “yeah so…”

“So I rather we will narrate the story that how she was being murdered” Anika said.

“I am really quite fond of listening to stories, please start and by that time I will prepare tea for you two” Sushrudh got up and went to the kitchen.

Anika started “few days before some men went to Ishan’s mother’s house, they were her known faces so she easily allowed them inside. She was disheartened after knowing that Inesh was never sad or guilty that his brother died, this brought a major realization inside Ishan’s mother that she has mistaken, Inesh can only think about himself and no one else. Then she also realized that she did the biggest mistake by killing Sudha. Then someone deeply related to Sudha went to her the next day, by then she has started to hate Inesh and wanted to kill him and destroy him as somewhere because of him she has lost her son. She joined hands with that man. Everything was going according to the plan but it became a problem when Ishan’s mother got a message from Inesh. In that message Inesh has requested his maasi to help him without even knowing that she was the only one behind the bomb blast that has landed him up in hospital” Anika stopped.

Soumya continued “yeah… then she being second mother to Inesh thought to escape away so that she gets saved but her fate wasn’t in her favor. Sudha’s well wiser reached there in an unplanned way and he saw her running away, he tried to brainwash again but failed. Lastly he forced her to write the letter and record the confession, after everything was done the man killed her, but everything was so nicely planned that no one understood that time that it wasn’t suicide but murder.” The story was complete and everything was clear. Sushrudh heard everything carefully and smiled saying “nice story” at the end.

“Wait there is more to it” Anika interrupted before Sushrudh could have said further. Sushrudh leaned back to listen sipping his tea.

“Sudha’s well wisher is either you or your mother, your mother is not alive and you were not here according to the proofs so who can be the one? That was the major question, but you know what when we were coming to your house we checked the cctv footage of the hotel where you halted in Mumbai for your work, you checked in there at afternoon and the man on the room just next to it went out an hour later you went in. Both the rooms had a door in between, that was locked but that lock wasn’t that much strong and was easily breakable. That man wasn’t there for long twelve hours, and in these twelve hours you also never came out of your room. You have said the house keeping men not to disturb you, Mr. Sushrudh you can be-fool anyone but not us, we know what were you doing in those twelve hours. In our job career this was the first ever crime that was done with so perfection that no one can ever understand what exactly happened with Ishan’s mother” Anika smiled and stopped.

“And we promise you Mr. that this will remain as the secret” Soumya smiled back.

“Well Mathur sir used to say it correct only, the tea of your hand is indeed heaven. Thank You for this” Anika said the last words before getting up. She was leaving but turned back and said “don’t worry, you took your revenge the way you wanted, now Mr. Mathur’s murder file will re-open again and I am assuring you that the culprits will get punished.”

Mr. Sushrudh Mathur praised the mind of both these girls in his heart. Yes he has murdered Ishan’s mother but in such a way that he will never get into trouble. He was in peace after killing the woman who destroyed their life, first by killing his father and lastly by killing his sister. Ishan’s mother always wanted Inesh to be away from love and bright side of this society so she planned to kill Sudha and after Sudha died she lied to Inesh that she got married to someone and has ditched him. Inesh started hating Sudha and when he tried to contact Sudha he found her phone number to be registered as non existing one. Little did he knew that she has died and her phone too.

Anika went back to Inesh, he was lying lifeless though consciousness was there.

“Do you know Inesh why I asked Chatterjee sir to make you SP oh sorry to play SP SP game with you for some days?” Anika asked. Inesh looked at her and made an expression that said tell me.

“Because you only used to say that in anyone’s life, promotion is always there but demotion is never there. See you got promoted to SP and my Soumya got promoted to DSP. Now if you get saved also from the clutches, you will not be having any job. Think Inesh what mistake you did by rejoicing when you became so called SP for some days. I hope you had fun while playing the game” Anika got up after completing. Turned to go but again turned back and smiled and went away. Inesh was now regretting all his happiness and his celebrations that he did when he became SP, no when he was be-fooled by everyone.

The next day Mr. Mathur’s murder file was taken into full consideration. The report was made ready to prove that Inesh’s maasi was the one to kill Mr. Mathur. Anika and Soumya also tried to justify that Inesh has helped his maasi in proving the murder as a car accident. Everything was going fine but media can never sit back without any masala so they started to air some stupid rumors that forced Anika to face them.

PRECAP- ANIKA FACES THE MEDIA… I hope you all got the way how Sushrudh killed Inesh’s maasi, if not will share it separately someday, somewhere.

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